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May 21, 18   admin   Comments Off on Steven Tyler’s Daughter Liv Was Embarassed After He Hit On Cameron Diaz News and Gossip, Rumours, Video Updates

It Was Apparently One Of The Aerosmith Rocker’s Secrets That He Reveals During An Appearance On ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’. Steven Tyler once embarrassed his daughter Liv Tyler by hitting on her friend Cameron Diaz. The Aerosmith rocker was forced to confess his secrets during an appearance on “The Late Late Show […]

May 21, 18   admin   Comments Off on Cameron Diaz Urges Indonesia to ban its ‘brutal’ dog and cat meat trade News and Gossip

International stars of acting, music and sports have urged Indonesia’s president to ban what they say is a ‘brutal’ trade in dog and cat meat for human consumption. The appeal comes after Indonesian campaigners against animal cruelty and Humane Society International in January exposed markets on the island of Sulawesi where dogs were bludgeoned by […]

Dec 23, 17   admin   Comments Off on Cameron & Benji to Adopt News and Gossip, Press, Rumours

She and her husband Benji Madden are set celebrate their wedding anniversary on January 5, two years after tying the knot following a 17-day engagement. And the couple are now said to be in the process of adding an extra dose of joy to their household, after reportedly starting the process to adopt a baby. […]

Dec 20, 17   admin   Comments Off on Cameron Diaz, Benji Madden Sue Home Designer for Half a Million Dollars News and Gossip

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are suing the firm that remodeled their home in 2015 and 2016 for nearly half a million dollars, calling their work terrible and overpriced. Madden, a member of the band Good Charlotte, said he had a deal with The Wooden Palate and its co-founder, Ryan Silverman, to remodel parts of […]