Cameron and Justin in bed together?

How relevant or news-worthy this story is, is up to you guys. Anyway, according to Life & Style Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake will have a “steamy love scene” in the upcoming romantic comedy Bad Teacher. In the movie Cameron plays Elizabeth, a recently dumped school teacher determined to score a date with Justin Timberlake’s character, Scott, a fellow teacher already in a relationship. Here’s what they said about the scene:

Life & Style has exclusively obtained a copy of the movie’s script – and in it, things get awfully steamy. In one scene, the real-life exes are alone in a hotel room and begin, as Justin’s character puts it, “dry humping.” Justin winds up getting, well, way too excited way too soon – ending their make-out session prematurely. “That was a mistake,” he says, rolling off her. “That was fast,” she responds.

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