Cameron talks The Box

Below is a video of Cameron Diaz talking about her experiences while filming The Box. The director, Richard Kelly, is currently MTV Movies special blogger and wrote a post about working with Cameron. Check out a few quotes below, and read the entire blog here. So psyched for the movie!

Cameron is very observant and thoughtful – she thinks long and hard before she makes any important decisions. It was clear that she knew exactly what she was doing every step of the way. She never once complained about a single thing during a long, emotional shoot in sub-arctic blizzard conditions.

I feel fortunate to have worked with both Cameron and Drew, who are consummate professionals — these are two of the most successful and well-adjusted women I know . . . incredibly supportive, kind and appreciative of everyone on the set and around them.

I know I’m biased as the filmmaker behind the movie, but Cameron’s performance in “The Box” is extraordinary. I can’t wait for people to witness her transformation into Norma Lewis.

Read the entire blog post!

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