Cameron does funny yoga for ten dollars

Read this funny story on how David Walliams’ (known from Little Britain) first encounter with Cameron Diaz went. Once again, thanks to CD Fan for the heads up!

David Walliams and his TV partner Matt Lucas were in Los Angeles to film the US version of Little Britain, a comedy that has made them very famous in Britain, and it was on its set that Walliams revealed his encounter with Cameron.

“I met Cameron Diaz at the Chateau Marmont hotel,” the Sun quoted him as saying. “She didn’t know who I was but I was excited to meet her. I’m not her latest man, no! She was fun, though.”

“She was doing funny yoga moves with her legs in the air. She was lying back on a sofa. She had trousers on but her legs were split right apart and I said, ‘Can you do it again before you go?’ and she said, ‘No’. I said, ‘What if I give you ten dollars?’ and she went, ‘All right then’. She was just being playful.”

“I didn’t ask if she knew Little Britain – that would be an awful ‘Do you know who I am?’ thing. She’s just a friend of a friend,” he added.

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