Magazine Scans Update

I have scanned several magazines today, both new and older ones. Included are W (May, 2008), Marie Claire (May, 2005), Vogue (April, 2005) and Marie Claire (April 2002). Reading these articles really makes you realize that Cameron’s still that same sweet and goofy girl she was when she started out in the “business”. And that is very admirable, if I may say so. Previews of the scans can be seen below.

If you have magazines with Cameron Diaz that you’re able to scan, or scanned pages already on your computer, don’t hesitate to send them in! Any contributions are always very welcomed. Proper credit will be given, of course. Send them to!

New and updated photo albums:
• Scans from 2008 > W – May
• Scans from 2005 > Vogue (US) – April
• Scans from 2005 > Marie Claire (US) – May
• Scans from 2002 > Marie Claire (US) – April

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