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Cameron is the 8th most dangerous celebrity to Google

According to a recent research conducted by Internet security company McAfee, Cameron Diaz is ranked among “The 15 most dangerous celebrities to search for on the Web”.

Diaz ranked #8 with the following text. “Cybercriminals use download Web sites related to Cameron Diaz’s image to link to other harmful sites containing spyware.” Now, don’t be afraid, you can still surf safely here at! 🙂 The full list of dangerous celebrities to “Google” can be found below. Thanks to for the heads up.

1 Brad Pitt
2 Beyoncé
3 Justin Timberlake
4 Heidi Montag
5 Mariah Carey
6 Jessica Alba
7 Lindsay Lohan
8 Cameron Diaz
9 George Clooney, Rihanna
11 Angelina Jolie
12 Fergie
13 David Beckham, Katie Holmes
15 Katherine Heigl

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