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“What Happens in Vegas” box office results

The numbers are in! The (very) important first weekend box office results have been revealed and “What Happens in Vegas” came in at #3 with a solid $20 million, not close from the dissapointing “Speed Racer” that grossed just $20.2 million inspite of a big budget and heavy promotion from Warner Bros. “Iron Man” kept the number one spot this weekend too. See the top 5 box office results below.

EDIT: Warner Bros. was supposedly lying about the “Speed Racer” numbers, it only managed to take in $18 million in it’s opening weekend. This means that “What Happens in Vegas” came in second! Congrats! See the new, edited, list below.

1) Iron Man $50.5 million
2) What Happens in Vegas $20 million
3) Speed Racer $18 million
4) Made of Honor $7.6 million
5) Baby Mama $5.7 million

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