Lake Bell and Cameron Diaz – Perf!

Here are a couple of nice quotes from Cameron’s “What Happens in Vegas” co-star Lake Bell. She talks about working with Diaz and meeting the movie-star for the first time. Thanks to CD Fan for the heads up!

With all the rumpus on “What Happens in Vegas”, it figures that the cast bonded with a go-kart race, a familiar battleground for Bell, whose father is a race car driver and owner of the Virginia International Raceway. At 29, she’s been training for several months with go-karts so she can race in a celebrity charity event she’s planning for next year. “It was me, Ashton, Demi [Moore], Cameron, [director] Tom Vaughan . . . I wouldn’t let Cameron pass me and then she crashed into me and we’d fall off. Corddry was waaay back there, like, ‘Isn’t this great, guys?’ ”

Bell is still a little embarrassed when she recalls meeting Diaz for the first time. “I heard these heels coming down the hallway. She was on the phone and I could hear, ‘OK, perf. Oh, my God, that is so perf. Love you!’ And then I saw her and I just said, ‘Perf! I say that too,’ and gave her this awkward, dorky hug. She was so accepting.”

The two clicked during the shoot with shopping trips in Vegas and a trip to the Hamptons.

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