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admin • Apr 27, 2008 • What Happens in Vegas

As Cameron Diaz continues to observe the mourning period following the April 15 death of her father Emilio, Ashton Kutcher and others associated with her new movie, “What Happens in Vegas”, met with the press in Los Angeles on Saturday – and delivered a written message from Diaz herself.

In her own hand on her personalized stationery, Diaz wrote in copies that were provided to journalists: “First of all I want to thank all of you for your support over the years.”

She also said, “I was really looking forward to thus weekend getting to talk to my friends about a film I am so proud of,” but, citing “the loss of my Father, I have chosen to be with my family this weekend.”

Praising the comedy (it opens May 9) in which she and Kutcher play combative newlyweds battling over a $3 million slot-machine payoff, Diaz said, “It was important to me to convey to all of you how much I love this film. We really did have the best time … most fun and laughs making it.”

On a private note, she wrote, “This weekend I am screening What Happens In Vegas for my family. It was a unanimous decision that we all needed to share a good laugh. After all that’s why we make films like these. So people can leave behind their worries for a couple of hours. Have a good laugh.”

In closing, she said, “I picture all of your smiles and it makes me happy. Thank you for your continued support. It is much appreciated.” Under a hand-drawn heart, she signed off with, “Cameron.”

Kutcher, who represented Diaz and the movie at last week’s London premiere, told PEOPLE on Saturday that he has personally expressed his condolences. “Not to her family,” he said, “but I’ve talked to Cameron.”

Emilio Diaz, 58, succumbed to post-influenza MRSA pneumonia, an aggressive staph infection that can occur in all ages and in otherwise healthy people, his family said Wednesday in an exclusive statement to PEOPLE.

“His love for laughter was undeniable and he embraced life head-on in such a dynamic way that he was impossible to forget,” they added.

Source: People.com

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