Kutcher lends support to Diaz

Ashton Kutcher showed deep concern for his co-star in “What Happens in Vegas”, Cameron Diaz, who lost her father Emilio Diaz, 58, last week to pneumonia.

“She is doing well … as well as you can do,” Kutcher told People magazine on the red carpet Tuesday night.

It had been exactly a week after Emilio Diaz’s sudden death in Southern California.

“It is really unfortunate,” Kutcher, 30, told People, explaining that Diaz, 35, was back home, “helping out with services and stuff.”

“I am desperately missing her tonight. We made a present, and it’s like I have to open it alone – and you want to open the present you want to share,” Kutcher, referring of the film, told People.

Source: People.com

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