On the cover of British GQ!

Cover of GQ UK May 2008Cameron’s on the cover of the May issue of British GQ! It’s a brand new (very sexy) photoshoot and interview as well. A preview of the cover can be seen to the right. As soon as outtakes from the shoot becomes available I will post them in the gallery. The magazine hits stands this Thursday (April 3), and I will get you scans from it as soon as possible! Read a few quotes from the interview below.

“I like boys—a lot. I’m boy crazy. That hasn’t changed since I was very young.”

She added: “I do get asked out. It’s fun.” But she warned: “I’m a lot of woman—in a lot of ways. And I understand that can be intimidating.”

And Cam’s happy to keep looking for Mr Right. She said: “When I’m in a relationship I’m very loyal and committed. I give a lot.

“But it’s been nice not having a boyfriend for the past year. In fact it’s the first time I haven’t had one in ten years and I’m enjoying what I’m getting out of this moment.

“I could be in a relationship if I wanted to be but I haven’t finished doing what I’m doing.”

Thanks to S and CD Fan for the heads up!

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