Cameron is a good person

Cameron is a nice personNot exactly big news, but I found a cute story about a fan encounter at, which I think everyone who doubts Cameron being nice should take a look at. 🙂

“…Tori ran up to me and could barely talk she was so excited. She swore she’d just seen Cameron Diaz come in and go to the spa. I have to admit this now but I didn’t believe her at the time. The Mask is her favorite movie. Coincidence? Mike (husband) was in a hurry so he went on without us while we waited in the lobby…and waited. Tori watched like a hawk.
Over an hour later, Cameron Diaz actually walked out of the spa area! She’s quite tall and beautiful without makeup even. Tori ran up to Cameron and immediately started telling her how much she loved all her movies. She grabbed Cameron’s hand and walked over to me. Tori said, ‘This is my mom. She didn’t believe you were real’. I about died. Ms. Diaz laughed hard and said ‘I’m real!’…” Continue Reading

Thanks to John for the heads-up!

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