Cameron at the Oscar rehearsals

I haven’t been able to find anything from the supposed big pre-Oscar party last night. However, I have found another set of good photos from the rehearsals of tonight’s big ceremony! Cameron will present the award for Achievement in Cinematography (see the nominations here). I guess I speak for everyone when I say that I wonder how Cami will look tonight. Thanks to CD Fan, I can provide you with a snippet from an article about how Cameron will get to the Kodak Theater where it all will take place.

UPDATE: I’ve added two photos from a pre-Oscar party Cameron attended on February 21 where she also celebrated best friend Drew Barrymore’s birthday!

Demonstrating her continued dedication to the exploration of environmentally sustainable energies, Cameron Diaz will be traveling to the 80th Annual Academy Awards ceremony in the BMW Hydrogen 7 Series. The BMW H7 is the first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan, which emits almost nothing but water vapor, and still features all the amenities and comfort of a BMW 7 Series.

Diaz, who will present on the awards telecast, has been a leading advocate of environmental issues over the past five years by working with organizations such as the NRDC, Global Green, The Climate Project, and Live Earth.

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Soho House Grey Goose Pre-Oscar Party
80th Annual Academy Awards Rehearsals

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