First look at THE Box!

First look at THE BoxThanks to, we can provide you with the very first look on “The Box”. The image can be seen to your right. The movie-plot is as following:

A mysterious stranger shows up on the doorstep of a desperate married couple’s (Cameron Diaz and James Marsden) home with a mysterious box. If they press the button inside the box, they’ll instantly get the money to save their ailing son, but in exchange, someone, somewhere in the world will die. But the temptation to save their dying son becomes too much, and Norma (Diaz) pushes the dreaded button and a gun shot goes off somewhere nearby. Consumed with guilt, Norma must do everything in her power to solve a murder she has knowingly caused.

Would you press the button to save someone dear, knowing that someone else would die as a consequence?

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