Cameron to work on new movies ’til June, 2008

Cameron Diaz hurried from production of “What Happens in Vegas…” with Ashton Kutcher into production of her currently shooting psychological thriller “The Box” with James Marsden, with barely any time in between. She’ll work right up ’til Christmas and resume after the holiday — and, she expects, she’ll pretty much keep working on back-to-back projects through spring.

It’s because, she tells us, “like a lot of people, I’m very busy with films in production, looking ahead to June. The actors’ strike is imminent, and everyone wants to do as much as they can before it happens.” With her delightful, ratings-topping “Shrek the Halls” due for an encore airing Dec. 11 on ABC, the box-office queen says of the next big-screen chapter in DreamWorks’ ogre oeuvre, “I haven’t heard yet. I’m just waiting for that day I get that phone call. I have no idea what’s in store. ‘Shrek Goes Fourth,’ I think it’s called. It’s some clever spin on ‘four.'”

Source: The National Ledger

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