Cameron to star in “Sofia”?

Here’s a small piece of gossip concerning a rumored new role for Cameron (in the movie “Sofia”) from the Bulgarian entertainment site

Hollywood megaproject called “Sofia” its now in the final phase. The scenario focus on Bulgarian labyrinth of social and economic problems in the last 17 years, the Standart daily informs.

The producers would like to see beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones playing the leading part – a strong Bulgarian woman who left her country and many years later returned to her roots to find herself in the whirl of the events – political intrigues and classical adventures.

Uma Thurman or Cameron Diaz will probably play the second leading character. Clive Owen will take another main character – of a General.

Famous Bulgarian archaeologist prof. Nikolay Ovcharov is the prototype of the archaeology professor in the movie production.

The whole world must hear about Bulgaria and its people. The Bulgarians still lack self-confidence they deserve, Ralitsa Hofstetter from the Supernova film company comments.

Scriptwriter of the film is Ron Bass, a successful Hollywood playwrights and Oscar holder for best screenplay (Rain Man).

Most probably the director of the production will be John McTiernan (Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October), Standart informed.

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