Weinstein buys the rights for “The Box”

According to TwitchFilm.net, it seems like the Weinsteins have bought the North American distribution rights of Richard Kelly‘s new horror-thriller “The Box”. The film is still in pre-production, but should be going in front of cameras shortly with a hefty $30 million budget.

The film is based on Richard Matheson‘s short story “Button, Button” and starring Cameron Diaz, Frank Langella and Sean William Scott. With Kelly‘s curse of difficult distribution (Donnie Darko’s calamitous 2001 theatrical release and the forthcoming (Nov 14) year-and-a-half-late Southland Tales) who knows what will happen with the Brothers W. in charge of the release; hey, in an instance of reverse karma, things could actually go quite smoothly. Admittedly things I’ve been hearing about “The Box” indicate that it will be the director’s most mainstream effort to date (although NASA is somehow involved in the production, so don’t count those normal chicks before they’ve hatched.) Distribution outside of the US was bought by Icon for UK, Australia and New Zealand and Eureka for South Korea.

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