“The Box” needs kids

Here’s an interesting piece of news about the upcoming movie “The Box”, starring Cameron and Sean William Scott. Apparently, Cameron’s character is named Norma Lewis and the movie is set Virginia in 1971. According to MovieHole.net theyare currently looking for a kid – for Norma and Arthur (Sean William Scott) Lewis – as well as a babysitter. Here’s what the article said.

Richard Kelly (“Southland Tales”) is finally about to get rolling on “The Box” this November (in Boston and Virginia) and is currently on the lookout for some tykes to share the screen with Cameron Diaz and Seann William Scott.

The flick sounds like good corny fun (though a couple have told me the script’s lousy – and is getting a quick fix up before the film lenses)… it’s about a small wooden box with a magic button inside and a lot of invisible strings attached arrives on the doorstep of Norma and Arthur, a troubled married couple, who open it and become instantly wealthy. Little do they realize that opening the box also kills someone they do not know in Virginia in 1971.

Agencies were informed this week that the Kelly written-directed pic is beseeching a youngster to play Walter Lewis, the 9-year-old son of Diaz and ‘s character, He’s described as “the beloved son of Norma and Arthur Lewis. He’s at that awkward age when he balks at having his mommy kiss him in public, but still needs a babysitter. Proud of his father’s scientific achievements and defensive of his mother’s handicap, Walter becomes the pawn in a ruthless tug of war between his parents and the sinister Arlington Steward.”

A 16-year-old babysitter character is also being cast. She’s Dana Steward, the lass looking after the Lewis family – regularly caring for the above-mentioned Walter. “Dana has a big secret she keeps to herself: she is the daughter of Arlington Steward, and even though she doubts that there’s anything left of her true father inside him any more, she does his bidding implicitly and assists him in gaining entry to the Lewis home.”

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