Cameron in Peru

As you may have noticed, things have been a bit quiet on the site the past week. The reason for that is that I’ve been out of town working. I’m back now, and the frequent updates will continue. 🙂 Cameron’s currently taking some time off from filming & promoting movies. She’s visiting Peru, and is supposed to stay there until June 26 (tomorrow). Here are some quotes from Living in Peru about her stay in the country.

Since her arrival to Velasco Astete Airport on June 19 Cameron’s been received with nothing but warm greetings and love.

On Wednesday, the Provincial Municipality of Cusco extended an invitation to the famous American actress to take part in all of the festivities, including Inti Raymi which is to be held on June 24 in Sacsayhuamán.
Accompanied by an Andean Priest, the Hollywood actress was happy to take part in a ritual which was to honor Pachamama or Mother Earth. The ritual took place yesterday at Sacsayhuamán Archaeological Park. The ceremony, which was filmed by Cameron’s crew, took place at the sacred Huaca de Luna.

Not only has Cameron taken part in several rituals but she has also been able to appreciate Peruvian craftsmanship. During her visit to Chincheros, she was fascinated by the natives extraordinary weaving techniques.

Even Mayoress Marina Sequeiros has gotten excited about the star’s visit. The Provincial Municipality is considering honoring Cameron as a “Special Guest” of the city. Authorities are still waiting on Cameron’s reply to their invitation for Diaz to take part in the Inti Raymi celebration.

Mayoress Sequeiros has stated “If she accepts the invitation we’ll take a moment to recognize and honor her visit to the city.” She has also said that they will ask for Cameron’s vote in the New 7 Wonders contest.

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